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Al Bahar Apartments in Downtown Dubai.

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    Souk Al bahar Apartments are designed in a contemporary style. Bold colors partnered with modern elements and features offer a signature style to these oversized units. Along with the stunning interior, Our penthouses in the residences downtown area offer guests a range of personalized, luxury services. While on the premises, residents have access to a rejuvenating, full-service spa, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, full-size swimming pools, and an expansive choice of restaurants and shops.


    The Shopping Experience

    Discover a little bit of what life has to offer in the beautiful city of Souq Al Bahar. One of the spectacular aspects of the beautiful downtown area is the plethora of the 100 stores and small boutiques located on the waterfront promenade comfortable , luxury hotel with the privacy of your own home.

    The Dubai Fountains

    When visiting our living in Souq Al Bahar , you may often take time to see the dubai fountains . The popular fountains jet upto 22,000 gallons of water boasting the heights of 140mm the air. you’ll stop in the awe of their enormous stature and enjoy the beauty and fun of entertainment.


    In the midest of all the beautiful sites and shopping. the heart of the downtown Dubai is home to many world-renowned restaurants and eateries. Whether you are making reservation for a Michelin star restaurant of picking up a quick bite to eat at delicious places to eat or just sit and grab a cup of tea.

    Spa And Wellness

    As the day ends and its time to unwind; or perhaps you are preparing for morning relaxation and full pampering – Either way this is a service that our guests truely enjoy.Some of the world’s most elite stars and executives travel to the city to enjoy all that our spas have to offer

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